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Productivity through AI

We are in the midst of another exciting digital revolution: AI advancement is revolutionizing the way people live and work. XsecPro provides products and services to unlease unprecedented productivity for your organization using AI. Based on our expertise in computer vision and signal processing, we provide IT products and automation solutions to help you protect and realise this digital dream.

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IT Products

AI is powerful at the expense of high computational complexity. We provide high-end GPU server for training sophisticated algorithms spanning from financial instruments, power disaggregation to computer vision applications. AI deployment can be achieved in the cloud or using our high end laptops/PCs and embeded products. In addition, to protect your valuable AI investiments, Xsecpro provides IT security solutions covering Singapore and Southeast Asia regions.

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AI and Iot are the core technology for Industry 4.0. Much R&D work has been invested to enable manufacturing process to be reliable and accurate 24x7.