Xsecpro focuses on IT Security Solutions for OrganisationS

We provide consultations on IT Security, PKI, Strong Authentications etc.

Business Approach and Methodology


We never stop challenging and validating the effectiveness of conventional IT security solutions and we strive to bring cutting edge technology to our customers.

Strategic and Prioritized

We understand that there are limited resources in every organization. We will understand your requirements, identify what is strategic to meet your business objectives, prioritize deployments to meet your schedule.

We are authorized reseller of the following IT security solutions:


Reaqta end point security solution is unique because it detects malware NOT by signature but by its behaviour. Coupled with its AI approach, it can protect zero-day exploits and many new malwares which many anti-virus cannot detect. Reaqta user friendly solution is easy to deploy and has been successfully installed in organisations such as government agencies as well as financial institutions.


ReversingLabs provides the best malware analysis tool. It has the most comprehensive unpackers available for analyzing files in real time. With ReversingLabs programmable tools and file reputation databases, many files can be scanned in real time.